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need leadership, proven judgment and proven value american needs four more years of barack obama. chicago takes center stage at the democratic national convention with the mayor, the governor and the first lady is the city's big night and good evening to we have been covering the dnc since day one let's take a look at our report tonight. as a general rule the democratic party has
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always been inclusive and women have had leading roles and certainly you will see that when the dnc officially came to order thursday women came to the front seat. pro-choice vs. anti- abortion with cops brought in to referee one of the distinct differences between republicans and democrats it's also what has democratic women very hot under the collar and ready for battle for what many say the war on women. there is a war on women believe it. it was the overriding seam at the dnc opening day the president's health and human services
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secretary warned it could be back to the dark ages if women do not step up for obama it slashes child care, head start would get rid of the health-care laws it destroys medicare as we know what that's all about us in our lives. it's no sleep until november, we will be working every minute. it lost to return to democratic activists after rush limbaugh called for a slot for speaking in favor of obama as government funded birth control. is it really an attack on women or more contempt from one party towards another.
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michelle obama is watching her and in her role as first lady these last few years she cares deeply about the children of america. mayor ron emmanuel joining us. the speech by meier monicaromijn manual very well received. the president it's my honor to speak to you about the
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president i serve. he may not be the headliner but he is certainly chicagos the president's former chief of staff onstage prime-time pushing hard for four more years rising above all of the voices in washington president obama listen to the voices that mattered to him most the voices of the autoworkers in the community that depended on them just like the voices of the steelworkers and the communities on the south side of chicago where he worked earlier in his career illinois delegates on the floor of the time warner cable arena tonight trying to get in and there are others and iraqi war dead tami duckworth. mr. romney had a chance to show his support for the brave men and women he is seeking to command but he chose to criticize president barack obama instead of even odder and the word afghanistan. she spoke to us earlier about what goes into a
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night like tonight. they assign you a speech writer who comes to and i spent a lot of time and the last few days saying not my voice this is what i want to talk about my whole reason here was to bring the concern of the people of my district her opponents i believe is an embarrassment to the united states congress and to the republican party. from our 1 on day one of their convention illinois democrats came out swinging. >> i am fired up and ready to go because i know what our purposes here this week our purpose is to set the record straight after what we heard coming out of the convention in tampa last week. i want to talk to you about a scary subject for many many republicans i want to talk about facts. gov pat quinn said that
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message on stage in charlotte. i think it's important that people know the facts so we're going to talk about the facts. the san antonio mayor julian castro followed by a video presentation followed by first lady michelle obama it gets personal tonight talking about the man she married >> that was tom-reporting live first lady michele obama will be speaking you could also follow continuing convention coverage on our website. in other news tonight, to people are dead
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after a shooting at a long-term care hospital. we are a kindred hospital with details. good evening to both of you that 911 call came in shortly before 6:00 p.m. shot's fired inside that hospital to people found dead inside and the weapon was indeed recovered by local police. based on the same law-enforcement said they went inside to clear the area and then began the investigation the big message to all tonight is that the community as well as volunteers are both safe right now. a man and a woman both considered significant others and notifying the next of kin. kindred
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hospital is a facility specializing in treatment with patience dealing with serious illness. became apparent quickly that nobody was at large. the big message tonight of course is that the patients here and the people of this community are not in danger of any kind and police want to make sure that the community knows that. we're live in sycamore illinois. friends and family gathered tonight to mourn the loss of five year-old jacqueline santos from
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sacramento she was walking with her mother and younger brother when and suv drove onto the sidewalk and killed them. community members say they want justice for jackie. they said the facebook page to organize a walk on thursday for the five- year old, no charges have been filed. a damper on the start of the school year parents talking about the challenge for their children. a major blow, accused of discriminating against workers who backed his political opponents today a jury agreed with his composers. >> 60-80 mi. per hour winds and hail stones the size of tennis
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balls, those stores are moving southeast and they are one of two clusters more may come tomorrow afternoon at of a big weekend cool off. the fuld forecast is coming up. notaxe
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jury in the drew peterson trial deliberating tomorrow the final arguments today, peterson was called a cold blooded killer marcella raymond reports it will now be up to the jury. assistant state attorney told jurors if they use their common sense and their everyday life experiences it will be clear that this band pointing at drew peterson killed kathleen savio and he drowned her savio had 14 bruises or abrasions on her body including her head left hip area clavicle and diaphragm the state experts say they could not have been caused by a fall in a tub but rather a homicide the case is mainly based on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. it doesn't take a brain scientist to figure out who did it and why defense attorney joe lopez used a power point presentation
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and took about two hours in 20 minutes to try to convince the jury that kathie savio accidentally drowned in her bathtub lopez said following your common sense does it mean ignoring the evidence lopez also told the jury they cannot tell you how it happened, when it happened or who did it. joe lopez called kathleen savio family of bunch of liars and to make fun of witnesses calling savio divorce attorney a cheshire cat because he smirked and on the stand the jurors sat poker faced what about all three of those guys? peterson for instance he is lying through his teeth, i can feel it in my heart kathleen savio was well represented today. no one was in court if acquitted it's unlikely that drew peterson will be
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charged right away and stacy's disappearance but investigators have been developing a case against him since 2007. >> chicago students will return to school but for how long? the first teacher strike in a quarter-century is still at their. less than six days now until cts teachers are set to go on strike if they do not get the new contract agreement today the first day of school for many students and the results of the first longer school day for most of them and after it ended teachers had one last lesson for their students before they went home. dressed in red and armed with signs this afternoon this is a preview of what could be sepias teachers
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picking ahead of a planned strike at a high school this morning the day began with cbs ceo jean-claude brizard ringing the ceremonial belt with a mandated longer school day and year the chicago teachers union is negotiating a new contract with cbs which among many things would include a pay raise for those longer hours. i think both sides are willing to compromise. >> compromise simply wasn't in the president's karen lewis is vocabulary. >> i am not interested in talking about half way or three- quarters of the way it's not about that it's about the complete package of what our contract looks like mayor emanuel did not talk about negotiations just his vision for
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a new cts. they're going to get a full school day and a full school year for the first time in a decade and that means a lot more kids are going to be able to do a lot more learning, reading writing more math more science parents and students caught in the middle of this fight see both sides. we have teachers who are dedicated to their profession so they should be all interested in the negotiations. i hope they don't go on strike because the kids will stay home and they will not have anything to do but we will see what happens. >> sepia says it has a contingency plan in place if a strike does happen negotiations resume tomorrow and continue throughout the week. >> the call that the cook county sheriff's 21 members of the
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sheriff's department's special operations response team have won a political discrimination lawsuit the unit was disbanded after he was elected in 20 1/6 in team members said it was because they supported his primary opponent. they are confident they will win still had organic foods do cost more but are they any better. why a new study says, no. after two high-profile cases in illinoisot sfilodour
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a new study shows some benefits of organic foods may be misleading researchers studied organic and not organic food by comparing the nutrition and safety they found little difference. >> we did not find significant differences between the two groups for examples of bacteria like e. coli and salmonella. kirshner store workers say it's not only about the food we consume but that organic foods are grown in a way to white children with autism are more likely to face delays. two suburban mayors,
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in tonight's medical watch, in medicine to help a child breve the results of a long-term study revealed that adults who took in hail steroids as children were shorter than they otherwise have been and held steroids have long been known to prevent growth but they thought children would catch up, a national study reveals that experts say a half inch height is lost and the benefits of inhaled steroids are far greater, the study was small
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but the potential is huge ases hope for stem cells to restore movement to spinal injury patients a private company stems dow inc. said people receiving experimental cell treatment regained sensory function within six months of being infused with the niro stem cells, all chronic spinal injury patients were healthy, two of the three sought improved sensitivity in touch and electrical stimulus. adding to their problems with sensory stimuli autistic children face another challenge bully's according to the archives half of all teenagers on the opposite spectrum are bullied at school that number is fall greater than the number of kids believe every year kids who are bullied are more depressed and anxious than those who do not face the ridicule of abusive appears researchers say schools need to target anti bullying campaigns to more vulnerable populations
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severe weather could be headed our way coming up we have details of a powerful storm in our future, his forecast is next.
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just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand one of the democratic national convention in some key chicago faces out to speak for the crowd tonight among them is meier romijn emanuel first of
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all i have to tell you in about five minutes first lady michelle obama set to take the stage first let's talk to another speaker here tonight thinking some much for talking to us what was it like being up there again does it feel like old times? >> it was a great opportunity to make a case for my dear friend president obama. >> do say make a case for your friend how tough is it this year to make a case pretty close race right now. and he said that we're going to make sure that kids can go to college and parents don't go broke doing it.
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the real question is for the middle class who is in the oval office. and i hate to get close to like this because your microphone is not working i cannot hear a thing you are saying kinnear better if i do this? i can't let you go without talking about a strike. i'm sorry we have audio issues here but i know it's live tv let's talk about this possible looming strike out, ok your mike is on. are you working hard to do this? some say maybe you should
9:31 pm
have skipped. i will get right back our team has been negotiating today they will be negotiating tomorrow. a beautiful new school, i went to know i went to the new ibm stem high school, a beautiful facility if you look at those two guys they belong nowhere else but in that classroom everybody has a role to play in that process. some are upset. >> they will get paid back into their doing that on their vacation time and we're working hard i want you to know this. i had gary mccarthy drop out. did you know it's the largest drop
9:32 pm
in the decade? what we need is a comprehensive strategy and we need to have the gangbangers stop choosing people in the crossfire because it's gang violence but the fact is in this is a simple fact right now somewhere between 9-10% drop but i'm not going to rest until every community is as safe as some of ours hours. . bana back to you guys we're live from charlotte. michelle obama will be on stage in about five minutes or so. the mayor flirting with micah, of whom knew. . i know you guys are deafened in that environment. we have some
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big storms on the way. i just want to share with you a scientist erupted september 1st. right after sunset look at the lightning that he has captured i think this is in the next shot in there it is right there. these are the storms that are south eastbound our models put them into the sea and the next couple of hours a fascinating time lapse we had winds of of the late today on this 90 degree day and chill winds came in and cooled things off this signature
9:34 pm
is bad news that as a sign that this is a batch of storms better gushing wins out with gusto. the winds with these have been phenomenal these are hailed tracks radar detected these have been tennis ball sized and here is another look at this here are where the winds are damaging right here and you can see how they are fanning out and coming southeastward quickly we have a thunderstorm watch in effect for
9:35 pm
the entire metro area intel to in the morning and look at some of the wind gusts at camp randall stadium up in madison. 60 mi. per hour winds and there have been some gusts up to 80 mi. per hour. look as some of the rains that have come down. as we come off of the 90 degree day lake geneva hit 94 today. these are hill producers and you
9:36 pm
can see the heavy rains that have produced three years so far as detected by doppler radar they will be sweeping into the area tonight to. here is the line as a look about 1130 tonight. we will have a partly sunny start that he stands up when the next line comes together out west. we're looking for possible severe weather in the metro area tomorrow and this follows healthy rains. 98 in o'hare today, 97 at omaha but here's the clear air waiting in the wins. 95 in st. charles
9:37 pm
today. that is the 46 time we have hit 90 degrees tomorrow we tie the record for the most 90's in chicago and we may do that before those storms arrive. we are eminently ready to get in on the storm's a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 2:00 p.m.. variable winds at 4-14 tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds allowing it to get heated again. we will develop new storms in the afternoon or evening and those could be severe with more weather watches and high 90. tomorrow
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night storms at 64 in the beautiful cooler and less human thursday a high of 82 with more rain late in the week and into saturday morning. coming up michelle obama about to take the stage we will take a portion of the speech coming up. for [ female announcer ] over the years your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... lived, loved ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do.
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>> at the democratic national convention the lady of the hour is in front of the microphone. diving into harm's way to save others, diving across the country to put out a fire and drive and for hours to bail out the flooded town and i have seen it in our men and women in uniform and our proud military families in wounded warriors who tell me they are not just going to walk again they're going to run and they're going to run marathons. in the young men at wantedman blinded by a bomb he said i would give my eyes 100 times again to have the chance to do
9:42 pm
what i have done and what i can still do every day the people i need to inspire me every day they make me proud every day they remind me how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth. serving as your first lady is an honor and privilege but back when we first came together for years ago i still have some concerns about this journey we have begun while i believed deeply in my husband's vision for this country and i was certain he would make an extraordinary president like any mother i was worried about what it would mean for our girls if he got that chance and how will we keep them grounded under the glare of the national spotlight... >> there you hear part of first lady michelle obama you can go to our web site to get more a
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tonight's fighting the fight the number of west nile virus cases is the highest in 13 years the threat is far from over. the scope of the outbreak in the battle against it. what you see next to me is a map of the state and the counties that are colored in pink have tested positive for west nile virus carrying mosquitos suburban cook county has the most cases. and we do have mosquitos. >> three days a week environmental specialists will say that 31 traps set rows suburban county these are known as mosquitos that carry the virus, was nile virus has struck hard nationwide and in illinois normally victims remain anonymous but this year's first death in the state was lumbar
9:47 pm
village president mueller the 76 year-old who is also battling cancer died august 18, 2003 days later we learned another leader the evergreen park mayor was hospitalized after he tested positive for the virus i think the more people talk about it and the more we reinforce the messages is here to stay and we need to take preventative measures to prevent was nile measures that include wearing repellant which, going out at dawn instead of dust and wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts and get rid of any standing water round your home. let's put it in perspective. i want to show you that this is about a thimbleful of water and if it stays stagnant for about one week or two, it can't produce hundreds of eggs from mosquitos it
9:48 pm
doesn't necessarily mean that they would be west nile virus carrying mosquitos but to give you an idea of how many mosquitos could be born at such a small amount of water. dr. emilie is an infectious disease specialist. about 80 percent of people don't get sick at all but one and 150 people with the virus suffer debilitating systems like muscle weakness and even paralysis it's just supportive care so the virus will go away in most patients as long as you can support them through the critical illness. just about every day or night mosquito killing efforts are underway this helicopter is flying over lake bluff spraying insecticides while thousands of spray trucks cover a section of the city the threat of west nile virus is far from over with the season typically ending in
9:49 pm
october. back with the environmental specialist the mosquito's now move to the lab for testing. they're crushed and placed in a solution and if the number is higher than 100 positive for west nile repeated results like this will mean that the area must be sprayed it's an ongoing battle until the cold returns. while the most vulnerable or those of us who are 50 years or older that doesn't mean others are immune the youngest person to test positive and the states so far is 15 and the oldest is 81. the powerful winds have hit rockford wins now at 55 mi. per
9:50 pm
hour there a huge thunderstorm warning has been issued and we will show you that in a moment so it's bearing down on the area very quickly. there is lightning these are bigger storms as you can see right there here's a look at the watch the areas in orange are thunderstorm warnings those are in effect until 9:55 p.m. so that is a large area and it's in the northern cook county. there will be more storms blowing up and coming in tomorrow afternoon and evening so some active weather but a hot day before those get here tomorrow afternoon, 90's had been forecast but much cooler and less humid on thursday. a new storm comes and into this thing
9:51 pm
stands up it was 76 on friday rains in the afternoon and a partly sunny but when the end cool sunday. coming up a tough night for chicago pitchers the white sox gave up to huge innings and rookie pitchers had a very long night against these are my polar bears. he used to wash them in hot water. he didn't get the irony. i'm not the tree-hugging type. but i am the saving money on energy type. so we switched to the cold cycle and with tide coldwater his teddy bears are clean. polar bears. that's our tide for conserving energy.
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the white sox are getting a big helping hand in theagainst the tigers tonight. up next ben rivera gets a base hit off of alexi ramirez and seven runs in the second outing. the game was out of control and a homer through century and the twins'
9:55 pm
lead that game 18-4. things are not much better for dale and the cubs. the washington nationals were on their way, up and running. adam roche was going all night long. they won the game 11-5. the cubs now have lost 84 games and they have 27 left. a new entry for brian urlacher is complaining of a sunburned neck. his left knee is fine and he will play on sunday against the colts. 522 guys in
9:56 pm
the air >> it's incredibly inciting. he is a guy i have always admired watching into the way he plays his heart and what he means to the team so obviously he will get a boost into will be that much more of a challenge for us. it's been a daily struggle but i think it's an uphill climb the biggest difference really is the protection scheme. it's figuring out how all of the defenses can expose those schemes. >> the irish getting ready to face perdue on saturday. they ran for 293 yds. brian says he is very happy with the work of
9:57 pm
the trenches in game no. 1. >> i think i said all along but i think that it will be as good as anybody's in our strength on offensive line, i think that was validated through the navy game but that's it, that's all that was validated there are so many other pieces we have to bring together for us to be 2 and 0. >> and alabama passes usc in the football poll. >> that will do it for us tonight. see you tomorrow have a good night.ot sfilodour notaxe
9:58 pm
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